• There's more to trimming a beloved pet than you think.  Did you know that you actually need to trim multiple places even including around the pads of their feet?

    • Pads - We shave the hair out from between the pads of their feet.  Doing this will help keep your pet from picking up debris in the feet and in between the toes.
    • Sanitary Clip - We shave the hair away from the intimate areas.  This will keep your pet clean during those times when nature calls.
    • Feathers/Pants - This involves the trimming down or shaving off the front leg feathers or rear leg pants.  This will keep your pet looking clean, organized, as well as preventing dirt and debris from collecting on them.  Also, this helps breeds with long hair that are prone to matting from getting matts.

    Recommended: Preference of the owner for looks and cleanliness.